Welcome to VIPA

the provider for automation technology and control solutions:
   -  Decentralized I/O systems - System SLIO
   -  Compact automation system - System 100V
   -  Modular automation systrm - System 200V
   -  High speed automation system - System 300S
   -  PC control system - System 500S
   -  Line Displays (CC 03, OP 03, TD 03)
   -  Touch Panels
   -  Software for programming, parameterization etc.
   -  Teleservice modules
   -  System components for S7-300/400 from Siemens and
      Accessories for MPI, Profibus-DP, plugs, rails etc.

AMK Drive and Control Technology

      Our drive and control module systems allows you to quickly and easily solve your tasks. Because the extensive AMK product program consists of standard products which can be combined individually to suit your application. The modular system is open and can be expanded at any time.

EPLAN Efficient Engineering

      Experience a new level of compounded efficiency through the EPLAN Platform, a unique data management system making seamless information exchange possible between our fully integrated CAD/CAE software products for electrical, fluid power, instrumentation, measurement and process control systems and 2D/3D enclosure designs.

Movicon 11 - The innovative XML-based Scada/HMI

      Movicon™ 11 is the software standard for all those operating in industrial automation, in remote control and building automation, a universal and flexible Scada/HMI platform adaptable and deployable anywhere with maximum scalability and independence from hardware devices.
The supreme openness and flexibility of the Movicon™ architecture makes it the perfect Scada/HMI supervision solution appliable to any sector in the world of automationThe new features of Movicon™ 11.1 get your supervision closer to reality.

Pilz is a leading, innovative automation technology company.

      As experts in the safety of human, machine and the environment, Pilz provides worldwide, customer-oriented solutions for all industries.

      These include innovative products and comprehensive services from the areas of sensor, control and drive technology.

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