CAD/E Software Products—Innovative & Integrated

Experience unparalleled engineering efficiency, quality and integration with the EPLAN Platform—a revolutionary technology making efficient collaboration and integration between different disciplines possible. 

Your design team can effortlessly collaborate and communicate throughout your enterprise thanks to the EPLAN Platform’s range of core functionalities commonly used by EPLAN’s electrical, fluid power, and instrumentation & control CAE products.  Also powerful is the EPLAN Platform’s interfacing capability enabling data to be shared with mechanical design and other 3rdparty enterprise systems.

EPLAN integrates with enterprise manufacturing, purchasing and engineering software such as product data management systems, product lifecycle management tools, enterprise resource management systems and more.

Take advantage of concurrent engineering.  The EPLAN Platform supports collaborative engineering by allowing multiple users from different locations to simultaneously work on the same project in parallel without loss of data integrity. 

The EPLAN Platform’s complete Unicode compatibility allows you to submit schematics in any language.  From wiring diagrams in Chinese to a bill of materials in Russian, you can translate your entire project with EPLAN making international design team collaboration a snap.

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